Since the dawning of our civilization, women have played a unique and vital role in maintaining its foundation. In the volatile, changing world that the great men of our society have confronted in the making of our most vital institutions, we have provided solace and stability in the homes we keep; in the face of the inevitable losses that accompany our struggle against our enemies, we bring forth new life into this world, to fill the vacant ranks that our forefathers leave behind. We have raised the architects, the warriors, and the statesmen, and our support has afforded them the strength and resolve to see through tasks, which, alone, would be insurmountable. Put simply, the West may well have been built upon the work and legends of great men, but its underpinnings are secured by the great women behind them. As women who are staunchly committed to the preservation of Western culture, we could not help but ask ourselves why, as we examined the recent movements that have emerged in the name of protecting and reclaiming it, the female voice has become so conspicuously absent among our strongest defenders.

At Mountain Flower Media, we hope to take the first steps towards remedying that. Our main contributors are four women who occupy various positions on the spectrum of the traditionalist/nationalist movement, but who are united in their understanding of the importance of the female role in securing its success, and equally committed to creating and maintaining a space in which the groundwork for reclaiming traditional womanhood can be reclaimed. Here, you will find a smattering of all things working towards that end: information on child-rearing, home economics, and other domestic arts, discussions of women’s political and social issues, and how they will impact us moving forward, and advice on how best to maintain our noble pursuit as wives, mothers, and homemakers while navigating a society that spurns us at every turn.

We thank you very much for stopping by. We sincerely hope that you that you enjoy, and find useful, all that you see here- but in the event that there’s something we’ve neglected, or overlooked, by all means, please let us know. After all, a community is only as good as the quality of its service to those who comprise it! We’ve provided you with all of our contact information so that you can get in touch with any or all of us, and will do our best to respond to each of you as promptly as we can. Suggestions and contributions are always welcome.

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