Traditional Women and Politics

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The first argument that is often thrown at me by those on the left goes something like this: “If you don’t think that women should behave like men, then why are you here talking politics?” I think that that is a very valid and important question. To put it quite simply, it is because I must. In our current political system there is strength in numbers, and there are not enough men who stand for what we believe in to step back and allow them to fight for us. Instead, we must work beside them and ensure that our political actions are done with consideration as to how it will affect our families. Our politics are an extension of our duty to create a better world for our offspring.
In an ideal world, women would be able to marry young and focus all of their energy into starting families and keeping a home. Yet in the democratic hellscape that is our world today, we are told to hold off on such things and instead toil in universities and low paying jobs while allowing the fruitfulness of our youth to fade away. So long as we live in the West in its current state, it is irresponsible for us to take no notice of politics. While it is still possible to play the part of a traditional woman today, we might not be so lucky tomorrow: for the foreign hordes are all ready waiting on our doorstep, egged on by their Jewish overlords while the termite-like infestation of capitalism and Marxism eats away at the very foundation of our homes, our race, and our culture.
Because we are not feminists, it is often insinuated that we don’t believe ourselves to be people capable of rational thought and decision making. While it is well documented that women are much more emotional thinkers and far less fit for politics than men, the women of this world with any sense must fight alongside our male counterparts for what we believe in until we are capable of removing our sex from politics completely. For how can we sit at home doing nothing for our cause when there are half-wit leftist women (and I use the term ‘women’ loosely here) out inciting violence and frothing at the mouth to dismantle what little is left of what we hold dear? We cannot allow ourselves to live in an idyllic fantasy world while the war for western civilization rages on just outside our doors. While our fight often takes a different course than those of our men, that is no excuse not to fight in our own way.
This leads us to the things that we ought not do. While many brave men of our movement toil away in jail cells, guilty (or not) of whatever crime, it is important that we remain as free from legal trouble as is possible. While a man can sire children from a cell, a woman can not raise one in such a place. It is not a cowardly choice to stay away from acts of violence and remain anonymous. It is what is best suited to our sex. Many of us would gladly fight and even die for what we believe in, but putting oneself in harm’s way works to deprive the world of a would-be mother of many white children. It is important to temper a lust for change with consideration for our futures. What are our men fighting for if they have no one to come home to? And who would bear the next generation of warriors for the white race if we ceased to be? While it is important to work for the movement in any way that we can, we must always remember that our place in life is not the same as that of men and it is our duty to behave as such.
So what, exactly, is a girl to do? Those with a talent for writing should weave beautiful stories and build strong arguments for our case to inspire both thought and deed. Those who can create must write beautiful music and construct propaganda that will drive our cause forward. Those who are persuasive ought work to bring their peers into the light of this new day that is brought forth by our tireless efforts. And of course, it is the job of each and every one of us to have a family that is as large as we can manage, and to raise our children in a way that brings new life to the proud and beautiful white race.

Sieg Heil!

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