A Case Against Cosmetics and the Anti-Aging Craze: Part One

cosmetics pt1.jpg

Rarely a day goes by that the American woman is not bombarded with advertisements promising eternal youth and beauty in the form of assorted injections, powders, creams, and pills. To be remain a maiden forever is a common dream, but have we ever stopped to ask ourselves why? A woman’s life comes in three stages: first, they are a beautiful maiden, secondly, they are the strong mother, and finally, they become the honored elder. What has caused the average female to forsake two thirds of her natural life cycle? You guessed it: the Jews.

The first stage of this Jewish trap comes in the form of the media. Young women are over sexualized and presented as being at their peak as late teen/ early twenty something party girls with no regard for their future. This can be seen in any movie, sit-com, or pop music video. Furthermore, women who start families are often portrayed as downers who ruin the fun for everybody else and are therefore abandoned. It is natural to fear abandonment, and (((they))) take full advantage of this. And of course, the elderly are shown to be a burden, if they are represented at all.

The second piece of this puzzle comes to us in the form of feminism. As I have mentioned before, feminism tells us that reproduction is misogynistic and should be shamed. This results in any woman who seeks to be accepted by her peers to avoid meaningful relationships that would naturally lead to procreation and instead take on a career and maybe a pet (if that pesky maternal instinct becomes too strong.) This once again reinforces the idea that only the maiden who is free from the ‘burdens’ of family life and responsibility are worthy of time or affection.

Many women fall for this and grow old without a husband or children, choosing instead to focus on a career or a hobby that they believe to be an adequate replacement. However, once they hit their mid thirties, things change: they realize that no career, no hobby, and no pet can make up for the meaningful relationship between a man, woman, and their children. By that time, that they are now to old to have these things in their entirety. From there, these women take one of two paths: they marry the first suitor who will have them and have a single child if they are still capable, or they cling even tighter to their original convictions and seek a way to be a maiden forever. In either of these scenarios, the Jews win. With every woman who falls for this trap, the white birth rate falls. On top of that, the perpetrators make thousands of dollars off of the misled woman in the form of botox injections, plastic surgery, makeup and anti-aging creams purchased.

While there is no shame in desiring to be beautiful and retain one’s youthful vigor for as long as one can, there are natural options that can improve both mental and physical health while not benefiting our opposition. Spending money on Jewish products and procedures is in direct contrast to the values that a traditional woman should hold dear. We have all seen the woman who fights time, with a face plump and swollen from botox injections, a chest that defies gravity, and hair in varying shades of orange. Do not become that woman. For even though the bloom of youth fades away, the strength and resilience of a traditional woman will never cease to be.

Sieg Heil!


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