A Case Against Cosmetics and The Anti-Aging Craze: Part Two


Running parallel to the anti-aging craze comes the modern woman’s obsession with cosmetics. It is well documented that Hitler abhorred makeup in every form, but even those of us who do not find inspiration in the Third Reich ought re-consider the use of such products. While both men and women have worn assorted pigments and powders on their faces for hundreds of years, the modern cosmetic industry has changed the way that we see and use such things. Our society has made makeup a near mandatory piece of its dress code; at least if you don’t want to be labeled a hippie or a slob.

In our modern world, it is very common for women to refuse to leave the house until they have “put on their face” because they believe that it is shameful or lazy to show their bare, natural skin in public. This concept is furthered by tabloids and talk shows poking and prodding at viral photographs of celebrities without makeup as well as a constant flow of advertisements letting the world know that is it downright slobbish to not spend hundreds of dollars on their products. It is no surprise that these two entities work in tandem, for they are different heads of the same beast. Who else but the Jews could convince us to hate what we look like so terribly that we would spend any number of shekels to change it?

Before you sit in front of the mirror in the morning to apply your makeup, ask yourself: is what I am doing necessary? Who am I benefiting by doing this? What does this say about me as a person? While I am not countersignaling against the use of cosmetics on rare special occasions, it is my firm belief that wearing makeup daily is no good: It strips away your confidence, it clogs your pores and causes pimples, it is a drain on time and finances, and it furthers the Jewish agenda of capitalistic materialism.

This is not to say that appearances are not important. It is critical that a traditional woman respect herself enough to ensure that her skin as well as her body, hair, and clothing are all in good condition. Like Baptists and bootleggers, our tirade against cosmetics runs parallel with the crusades of many feminist groups, and it is important that we set ourselves apart from them in our devotion to hygiene and beauty. A traditional woman with a bare face whose clothing is well pressed and whose hair is neatly plaited could never be confused with the slobbish women who often oppose us, and it is important that we keep it that way.

Sieg Heil!


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