Crush The Urbanite: A Case For Rural Living

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Our movement is in motion now more than ever before, and it is becoming increasingly easy to get swept away in the thrill of it all. However, it is important to continue prepare ourselves for the long-term in our personal lives, especially if things do not go our way politically. It is likely that many of our readers are in their late teens and early twenties: time that is traditionally spent finding a husband and beginning to settle down. Inevitably, the questions floating around in their heads often revolve around “who” and just as importantly: “where”? While “crush the urbanite” is a common phrase used jokingly (or not) among the people of our movement, I believe that the world could always use another tidbit in favor of rural living.

It is quite common nowadays for a person to live their entire life without performing much manual labor. Primary school leads to high school, college, and a desk job which leads up to a lazy retirement for many. A person who leads a soft life quickly becomes a person who is soft in their convictions. While it is just as possible to live a soft life in the country as it is to lead a disciplined one in the city, living far away from the city sprawl is the first step to glory for many. Even the laziest soul can be stirred to action by the magnificence of rural living. There is nothing that strengthens the bond between yourself, your folk, and the values that you hold dear, like getting bitten by snakes that were hiding in the henhouse, being lashed by wild roses as you clear a new field, hauling lumber and cinderblocks on a hot summer day, and of course: the pleasant leisure time in which you can admire the evidence of your hard work.

On top of the personal benefits of such a life, I believe that it is important to note that rural towns are the closest thing to a “high-trust white community” you can get nowadays. Where I come from, feminists are still shunned, people still dress up for church on Sundays, and ‘minority groups’ are still the vast minority. As a child, my father and I would ride our bikes several miles into the nearest town on warm days, where we would stop off at the lone gas station on main street, get ourselves a drink, and sometimes visit with local friends before heading back to our home. On one such occasion, when my wallet was fat with a twenty dollar bill that I had received on Easter, I accidentally left it behind on the table when we took our leave. I didn’t notice its absence until two hours later, when a man I had only met in passing came knocking at my door. He was working at the gas station and, seeing that I had left it, took the time to deliver it to me personally after his shift. He had even gone as far as to call his mother, who was the secretary at the local school, to find my address! While that is quite the example, that’s the sort of thing that could only happen in rural America. Times are changing, even out here, but country towns seem to be where traditional values are taking their final stand.

However, the final and most convincing argument for packing up and moving away is the privacy you are allowed, and the chances for self-sufficiency you are given, when you own and work your own land. No suburban backyard chicken coop or apartment balcony garden can give you the freedom that acres of garden and pasture can. No privacy fence can shield you from your neighbors entirely. And what’s the use of homeschooling your children if they are just going to pick up bad habits from the nigger children who live next door? What happens when (((Mrs. Goldstein))) sees that swastika flag in your bedroom and calls CPS to steal your children away? Or tries to get you evicted? Or fired?

The left has yet to infiltrate the American countryside, save for a few rebellious teenagers who will move to the city to become degenerates once they come of age. Instead of worrying about them, you can cultivate yourself, your land, and your family. Even as the war for western civilization rages on, we can create our own paradises to come home to. One that is free from the cruel hand of the modern world, where we can raise the next generation to stand for the cause of our people.


Sieg Heil!

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