To Action!

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When I think of the highest manifestation of our glorious race, I see the Old Gods who dash across the sky as thunder and lightning, as rolling clouds, and merciless storms. Whose voices echo through the generations of their descendants as a primal need to let our Aryan spirit run free. They are the foundation upon which our glorious race resides, who give us the courage to carry on even when we are faced with the darkest of nights, who remind us that the dawn of a new day is coming and that we, their descendants, will be its heralds!

When I think beyond that, I see the men of the Third Reich who fought for that spirit, that feeling in our chests when we have a moment of clarity that crashes over us like the waves of the merciless sea. I see their pain, the hardship, their overwhelming devotion, and the love for their folk that would be unimaginable by many. My mind does not darken at the memory of the agony that they suffered upon their defeat, for they live on in each of us and the war is not lost. It is their courage and their martyrdom that leads us marching forward to the next peak.

When I think beyond that I see myself, who is safe and warm but still very much devoted. The feeling in my chest overwhelms me with joy and exhilaration, and once again I find myself unable to sleep in a rush of pure joy that I am a part of this glorious race! Me! How lucky I am to be the creation of thousands of years of evolution? To be born in the time of this incredible turning point for our race that will be remembered for as long as my people live on?

I am often bogged down by mundane thoughts, mentally numb from the cacophony of both news and nonsense that assault my mind at any given moment. Yet if I take just a moment to reach back through the ages, I can be reborn! Even the most mundane of lives can be changed in a glorious flash of light if you just allow yourself to feel: To hear the message that your ancestors are screaming to you from beyond this world, to hear the heartbeat of your people drumming away in your chest!

There is no feeling in the world like the pure ecstasy of being alive, present, and faced with the challenge of bringing about a new glorious dawn for our people! And in this, I reach out to you. I beg of you to come and share in our joy, our triumph, our sorrow and our pain which all melds together into a feeling that is nigh indescribable. I beg of you to come and feel it for yourself as you fight for the future of your race!


Sieg Heil, my brothers and sisters!

Remember: a new day is dawning for our race, and the future is looking very white.

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